Changing Lifestyle Behaviours in Practice

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Blood Pressure UK

From mental health and diet to screening and physical activity, the potential for lifestyle changes to impact patient health can only be reached with individual commitment and willingness to change. As a healthcare professional, endeavouring to achieve that in your patients can be frustrating at best. At worst it can damage hard won therapeutic relationships. This interactive workshop will take you through the basics of behavioural science to help you understand what drives human behaviour and attitudes to change. It will then enable you to put that knowledge to practical use and empower your patients to embrace lifestyle change.

Learn in depth

  • Study the key principles of behavioural science, cognitive and social psychology to understand human decision making and behaviour
  • Understand the personal, social and environmental factors influencing unhealthy habits and lifestyles
  • Learn interviewing techniques to motivate and facilitate lifestyle change

Develop your skills

  • Examine patient case studies to bring the day’s lessons to life
  • Use role play to test out the application of new insights and methodologies in a safe environment
  • Establish a practical plan for developing an organisational-wide approach to addressing lifestyle issues

Broaden your network

  • Make local connections with attendees on the day
  • Become part of a large national network of healthcare professionals working to change lifestyle behaviours in their practice

In conjunction with:

Blood Pressure UK

Dates / Locations


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Cost of attendance: £250 + VAT (£220 + VAT for RCGP and BSLM members)

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